Sustainable Practices

PACK's operational workflow has always been sustainable. Our products and solutions have inherently incorporated sustainability so that our customers become cost-efficient and optimally use natural resources in their operations.

We follow world-class best practices and guidelines to make supply chains more sustainable and cost-effective. We strive to help our customers become part of a sustainable economy through our principles of reuse, recycle and reduce, ensuring greater operational efficiencies and positive environmental impact.

PACK uses wooden pallets. Wood is a renewable resource. We are committed to reducing our carbon emissions with the usage of wooden pallets and our pallet recycling program. All of our products and by-products follow a recycle and reuse philosophy re-purposing materials that have reached the end of their lifecycles. Respecting the environment we live in is a key objective for PACK.

Our products are custom-engineered for the optimal use of raw materials and our processes are inspected regularly for maintaining operational efficiencies. The forefront of our strategy has always been to respect our environment and minimize the impact on natural resources.