Quality & Safety

Superior quality, exemplary service and constant innovation is our mission Our pallets are designed to last many trips throughout your supply chain workflow. This lowers the likelihood of product damage.

Safety has been our primary focus and one of the core values our business is built upon. We inspect every pallet for any defects such as loose nails, cracks, or splinters and discard the ones that are not in good working condition.

When a pallet is not in use, we properly store it, stack them in flat, stable piles.

PACK's superior quality pallets can save costs significantly for your supply chain by bringing in:

  • Increased safety standards when racking.
  • Reduced packaging needs
  • Reduced product damage
  • Reduced pallet sorting
  • Raw material quality.
  • Well trained employees.
  • Robust pooling management system.
  • Original ISO 9001:2008 Certification

PACK builds its industry ready wooden pallets using high quality timber. The wood is kiln dried to make it less prone to breakage.
PACK classifies, inspects, cleans, and repairs each pallet throughout its lifecycle
PACK’s pallets are designed to hold loads up to 1,250 Kg
PACK believes that our pallets aren't just a better choice for your supply chain; it's a better choice for our planet